“Compelling and insightful”
– Ryan Lokkesmoe, PhD. Pastor and Author
“Sensitive to the needs of the participants”
– Blair Lerner, Pastor
“Sincere love for the Lord Jesus Christ”
– Darren Casper, Pastor, Church Planter


My life has been a wild ride based in faith and trust in God, with crazy highs and lows, and I cherish every opportunity to share how His faithfulness has been so evident in my life and in the lives of others around me.

I love writing stories and recording music, but the true joy of creating is meeting people and sharing these things in person.

I am available to speak on many topics, lead in worship, and can tailor to your specific theme, event or audience. Through music, engaging speaking, personal testimony and interactive illustrations, my goal is simply to honor God and invite Him to leave a lasting impact during our time together.

I am currently filling up my calendar for 2022, and ask that you would consider how I can partner with you in ministry.  Contact me for booking through my contact page, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Most Popular Topics:

Drop the Blanket (facing fear)

Jesus was born into a world filled with fear. It was a world of oppression and uncertainty, much like our own. Yet the angels who appeared to the shepherds proclaimed, “Fear Not!”. Centering around Deuteronomy 31:6 and Luke 2:10-11, and drawing from personal experiences, we will take a closer look at how God replaces our fears with faith when we choose to trust in Him.

Stories and Songs
singerMy greatest passion in life can generally be boiled down to a desire to strengthen and encourage believers. God has allowed me to do this through songs I have written, personal testimony of my life, the craziness of a homeschooling family, and sharing with others who are on the same path of trying to serve God in the midst of a hectic life. It is a joy to encourage groups through personal songs of worship and the stories and Scriptures that inspired them.

In reading through the Scriptures I have noticed a that practically everyone God calls to do His work is pretty much unqualified to do it. It seems that God has a tendency to call on people that we would never consider calling. David was the least of his family, Moses was slow of speech, Gideon was filled with fear, and Peter was an uneducated fisherman. What does God see that we don’t?

Pray Like Jesus
Prayer is our main line of communication with God, yet many of us still don’t feel like we know how to pray the way we think we should be praying. We can learn by asking, how did Jesus pray? In John 17 we can examine His longest recorded prayer, and also find the answers to many of our deepest questions, and discover life-changing truth.