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  1. Eugen Bach

    The invitation to the blog sounds lovely in our world. I think I will join you for a bit!

  2. Dennis Warner

    Hello Jason – I am a minister of Christ and would like to use your article Just Drop the Blanket in a newspaper religious column. Do I have your permission if I give you credit? Thanks!

  3. Bob

    Jason, thanks for the insight on the Linus security blanket! Never noticed that before! Bob Wise

  4. Cindy

    I love your story about Linus’ blanket. How true it is that Jesus’ birth is about not letting our fear get to us. I love the lesson. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

    By the way, it’s Schulz not Schultz. Common mistake. Still s great article.

  5. Bryce

    Just read your blog about dropping our blanket. Very good observation. Detail so easy to miss.

  6. Becky Sylvester

    Really enjoy your blog!

  7. Chuck Friend

    Jason. I would like to use your article Drop the blanket for a devotional at church on Sunday. I hope i have your permission.

  8. How encouraging it was to read this.

  9. Deb Turner

    My SIL just sent this to me. I never k ew he dropped the blanket especially at that moment and what we can learn from that !
    Thank you

  10. Babes either Bibles at the Beach, San Diego

    We are going to each identify our own Linus security blanket in our Bible Study tomorrow morning. Thanks for the reminding us to drop them and find security in the one true Father. Merry Christmas!

  11. Dee Rupert

    W O W … Just … WOW! I never paid attention!! I mean, I’m sure I saw him drop it? But I never got the meaning until you just explained it … Pure and simple. Thank you! ❤️ this!

  12. Jason –

    Echoing the same – addressing a luncheon this Friday, and pray for your permission to refer to it with your name –

  13. How exciting! Merry Christmas!

  14. Marilyn Justice

    Thank you for putting me on your email list

  15. Terry Myers

    Great perspective about Linus’s blanket! I think I’ll join your blog readers to see what other small details you can help me pick up ( or drop as the case maybe ) ☺️

  16. Sue Grinde


    I am a pastor serving in South Dakota. Just read your article on Drop the Blanket. Wondering, with your permission, if I may use parts of it for my Christmas Eve sermon.


  17. Anonymous

    Very interesting. This will be in my heart for a very long time.

  18. Manny Canto

    wow what a message can i share this article to my officemates?

  19. Okay, I’m joining the ranks. I am a Children’s Pastor and I usually deliver the message at our Candlelight Communion Service, which includes our children’s department. So, yes, I too would like to make reference to your Just Drop the Blanket Message, with your blessing.

  20. Thank you. How lovely and encouraging.

  21. What an honor! By all means! 🙂

  22. mhneufeld

    Not to be “holier than thou” but as I read your article, I remember gasping as a child when Linus dropped the blanket. My innocent little heart got it.

  23. Children tend to catch on quicker than adults. 🙂

  24. One more request: Our company, MasterThink sends out a meaningful quote every month to clients and others on our mailing list. We always give full credit and make no money off the mailings. At Christmas, I really like to do something that relays the gospel and the true meaning of the season. I have been struggling this year to find the perfect quote, and a friend forwarded this wonderful blog to me this morning. May I have your permission to send it out by mail and email, with all credit given to you?

  25. BTW: the article I would like premission to reprint is “Drop the Blanket.”

  26. Absolutely; by all means! Merry Christmas!

  27. D.F. Williams

    Thank you

  28. Dante Duran

    Maraming salamat kaibigan. = Thank you very much friend.

  29. Garry & Judi Worthington

    Just entered your site on a whim. Glad for doing it! Good ol’ Linus. At age 63 Jesus started removing the chains that bound me because he was finally issued a “work on me” permit. Thanks for the reminder!

  30. Glad you ended up here, even on a whim! So exciting that it is never to late for Jesus to do incredible things in us!

  31. Wayne Grumbling

    A church member emailed me a link to read your insights in: Just Drop the Blanket at Crosswalk.com; I find it to be really good and clear. She wants us to share this at church during the Advent Season and I would like to also; crediting you and referencing this blog & Crosswalk. I can see above our church is not alone in this desire, could you let “us all” know if that is ok?

    I always loved the this particular show and that scene especially but did not catch that significant detail. Thank you & Blessings

  32. Anonymous

    Thank you Jason, very powerful thought.

  33. It is an honor that God is using this in such a big way! Of course you may certainly use it!

  34. Jason, This is brilliant! I was sitting in a Christmas eve service a number of years ago as a disinterested agnostic. Right after hearing this passage God brought me to saving knowledge of my sin and His grace through Christ. As a now mid-life (God Willing) theology student, I was asked to deliver a message at a church gathering. I wanted to draw on my own Christmas experience and Luke 2:8-14. I was thinking Linus when I can across your blog. Going to point this out with credit to you!

  35. Thanks for sharing your story! God is so good to us!

  36. Ellen Korenko

    Hi Jason,
    I write to you as tears stream down my face. Your ‘Charlie Brown’ message has not only changed my view of Christmas, but my life, as well.
    God bless you. And thank you.

  37. Thank you for sharing this!

  38. and I thot I was a Peanuts fanatic! (Tho I’ve not even seen the movie yet! Drat! Maybe over the holidays) THANX for this exquisite insight, bro. I cried at this moment when it came out 50 yrs ago (at 16) & still do every time. In my BC days I was a church kid, then a rebel kid, then I met Jesus in the Jesus Revolution & became His Jesus kid.
    So here’s one of my all time fave quotes. While creating the show, Schultz & director Melendez debated if they should include the Bible verses! The country was just losing it’s way & spawning the immorality, humanism & PCism we see today. But Charlie Schultz stood his ground & won the day with: “Well, if we don’t do it, who will?”
    May we all drop our blankets at the manger & our sins at the Cross & be about the courageous adventures He’s called us to… in His Grace.

  39. Michael Donnally

    Thank you for a very powerful reminder of the power of Jesus to overcome our fears.

    I am a retired United Methodist pastor and I will be leading a workshop on multimedia in February. May I use your blog on Charlie Brown as an opening devotion for the time we will be leading people who are working to understand the power of media and how it might be used in church settings?

    Having just come through the Christmas season I think this will be a wonderful way to open people to the potential uses and the power of media used to help tell the story.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for the reminder that Christ is the one place where true peace and security can be found.

    Michael Donnally

  40. Certainly! I would just ask that you credit it back me/this website. Thanks!

  41. Jeanice Cummings

    Love your lessons from Linus & the gang.

  42. Rick Sanders

    Thank you!😊

  43. Matt Randolph

    Thank you for your insight on Linus and his blanket. Wow what a message. I am a pastor and would love to use this idea as a sermon illustration, giving you due credit. Would it be possible to contact me about permission? Thank you again, and for your ministry.

  44. Absolutely! Thanks, Matt!

  45. Jillene Gallatin

    Hi Jason. I really like the “Just Drop the Blanket” and would like to use in during our Christmas Eve worship services. May I please have your permission to do so? Personally I’ve been working with a lot of “fear vs love”-your message has brought healing and hope to me. I think others could experience the same gift with your message. Blessings on the journey-Jillene

  46. I am so thankful that God has chosen to use this in such a big way. Absolutely you have my permission.

  47. Andrew LaMore

    I have always seen him drop the blanket and then pick it up again. I always thought he dropped it tbe first time to better focus on what he is saying in the recital. But, that is what you are saying…focus on the task at hand without being encumbered. The second time I had thought he was just giving a base to the tree. Actually, he was finally giving up the blanket. Great thoughts!

  48. John

    The birth of Jesus allows us to simply drop the false security we have been grasping so tightly, and learn to trust and cling to Him instead.
    Perfect for the beginning of a new year, in Christ.

  49. Jerry Padfield

    Just another reminder of seeing God’s love and message to us and we go on our Merry way without notice and then someone like you shows us the love of God. I hope someday to do the same and will be a better observer. Thank you

  50. I never had any idea this post would inspire so many people. What a blessing! It really stems form a desire to take in the little things. 🙂

  51. I remember my children watching Charlie Brown Christmas but it wasn’t until I got saved in 1981 that I truly got it. What a message to us in the dropping of his blanket. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  52. Gail

    That’s teue. My husband lives in the oast.

  53. Janet Ray

    Enjoyed your review…made me appreciate PASSION even more!

  54. Glad to hear it…thanks!

  55. What a Rich Blessing! Thank you for allowing me to receive your devotions & perspectives. God Has And Will Continue To Richly Bless Your Ministry and Your Family’s. Servants Blessing Others! You Glorify God in a Dark Work – His Light Shines Brightest In The Darkness.

  56. Laurie Young

    I have Tyler Perry’s The Passion on my DVR. I am watching it again as I write this comment.
    I just have to say, I LOVE THIS PRODUCTION! Especially to have the cross carried through the streets of New Orleans was a bold move and I applaude Tyler Perry and everyone who carried that cross. I felt it was moving as I watched the expressions on the people’s faces and listened to the stories of devastation and hope.
    The singing and choice of songs I thought was BRILLIANT! To have modern songs used in this story was a great choice.
    Overall, observing the faces in the crowd as the cried and sang along showed that the LOVE of Jesus is still alive in a world that’s so cruel.
    I give this production two thumbs up!

  57. Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment. Y’all are a HUGE blessing to me!

  58. Wonderful thoughts and observations. Thanks for sharing!

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