“Jason led worship for our church retreat. He was sensitive to the needs of the participants, coordinated the worship with the messages, and he effectively led us into the presence of the Lord. I highly recommend Jason for worship events!.”

Blair Lerner, Director of Outreach/Discipleship, Grace Fellowship, Katy, TX

“Thanks for being such a blessing. It was great to have your whole family. What an awesome group.”

Jim Daniel, Pastor- Fairfield Baptist Church, Cypress, TX

“Jason and I served together for several years on the pastoral staff of another church in the Houston area. I got to know him well on both a personal and professional level, and you will not find someone whose work and family life are more wholeheartedly devoted to serving the Lord. He brings excellence and diligence to the workplace and kindness to all of his personal relationships. Jason is the kind of person who people are drawn to because of his warmth, wisdom, and genuine care for others.
In addition to Jason’s many talents as a musician and worship leader, he is unusually gifted as a verbal and literary communicator. God has given him a talent for expressing himself in a way that is compelling and insightful”.

Ryan Lokkesmoe, Pastor, Real Hope Community Church, Richmond, TX and author of Paul and His Team, What the Early Church Can Teach Us About Leadership and Influence.

As a pastor I know what it is like to try to find gifted individuals in the areas of music and drama. Jason Soroski and his wonderful wife Jana, are two of these kind of people that I am thankful to have as members in the church where I serve. I am able to wholeheartedly recommend them primarily because of their character and sincere love for the Lord Jesus Christ. You will not regret using them in your ministry!

Sincerely His,
Darren Casper, Associate Executive Director, Mission Partnerships/Church Planting, St. Louis Metro Baptist Assoc.

“Hourglass Ministries does more than just put on a good concert, they strive to call students to worship and know God”

Dr. Andy Chambers, Vice-President of Student Development, Professor of Bible Missouri Baptist University

“Jason is in every way a professional – from quality songwriting to expressive vocals to commanding stage presence. He’s passionate about his message and clearly demonstrates a servant’s heart. It’s a privilege to host his concerts”

Jeff Marzolla, Booking, Artist Relations – The Embassy Club, Porter,TX

As a personal friend, I know first hand their love for the church as well as people. Their talent and message is very relevant For today’s generation to hear. God has raised them up for a unique purpose In this day. So with the highest reference I can give, I encourage you to partake in their ministry.

God’s Best,

Aaron Benward, Solo Artist, Host- Nashville Unplugged

“I have known these cutting edge guys for many years. Their Christian lives are an inspiration to all who know them. It’s not very often in ministry life that you see passion, art, and integrity all wrapped up in one package, but Hourglass is such the rare exception. Without hesitation I recommend these word artisans to any demographic. You and yours will be better for it.”


Jeoffrey Benward, Contemporary Christian Artist and Founding Member of Aaron*Jeoffrey

Music like this is an awesome way to keep God’s word in your heart and mind during your busy day. Each track has a distinct melody which makes the entire project worth listening to. It’s the perfect mixture of musical entertainment and poetic fulfillment.

Ken Weigman, AlphaOmega News

“What can I tell you about Jason Soroski? I can tell you that he rips with the best of them. When he walked in to his first band rehearsal, I could tell that there was something special about him. Just the way he smiled and shook everyone’s hand made us feel as if we were special and that it was his pleasure to get the chance to play with us. Then we started playing and all the guys in the band realized that the pleasure was all ours. He was very impressive right out of the gate. Not only could he step up and take the lead, he was also very sensitive in passages where he was not “in front”. This just illustrates the kind of servant heart Jason has not only in music, but in life. The more I am around him, the more I realize not only what an “in the pocket” musician he is, but also what a great heart he has.”
Robin Roewe,
Worship Pastor
Shearer Hills Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re leading worship for a youth group or for our Family Retreat, people always come away blessed. You have a heart for ministry which is your greatest asset, but God has definitely gifted your music. Can’t wait ’till the next time.

Serving Him Together,

Dave Williams, Retreat Director, Logan Valley Christian Retreat, Ellington, MO

Hourglass has been a staple of my programs for years. Their integrity and heart for Christ are apparent in all they do. The students in my ministry have been touched and drawn closer to the Lord through their music. I have had many different groups work with me in youth programs and Hourglass is by far the one group to which my students responded the best. They always ask when the next time Hourglass will return to help lead us in worship and to do a concert for us. Knowing the band personally I can say, without reservation, that they are committed to the cause of Christ and that is reflected not only in their stage presence but also in their daily walk with God. They are not just “performing” on stage they are compelling people to live the life that they are wholeheartedly committed to living themselves. I would recommend them to any Christian organization that is seeking God-centered, professional quality in a ministry team.

Jasper Rains, Missions Pastor – ‎Grace Pointe Church Naperville, IL

Erik Yates and Jason Soroski of Hourglass have helped out our ministry by not only performing and sharing the Gospel at our benefit concert, but also by telling others about the two Christian rock shows we do here in St. Louis. We have been sharing their music on KYMC(89.7) and KCLC(89.1), playing “Let It Flow”, “Masquerade”, and “I Am Here”. We interviewed them on both The Ultimate Vision on KYMC and Crossroads on KCLC. These gentlemen love Jesus Christ and share His Gospel message from the stage as well as their daily walk. A living witness is what you get when you see and hear these gentlemen. I highly recommend you inviting them to your club, church, or retreat.

God Bless and Shalom.

David Michaels, Producer/Host “The Ultimate Vision” 89.7 KYMC, Producer/Host “Crossorads” 89.1 KCLC, President Ultimate Vision Ministries, Member of the National Association of Christian Rock Radio

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