Why Drop the Blanket Matters…

wp-1481323094268.jpgA couple years have passed since I wrote about the moment Linus drops his blanket, and since then we have all lived through moments of fear and insecurity. As we wrap up another year and prepare for a new one we have to ask whether we are still holding on to those false securities and fears, or have we learned to drop the blanket and trust in the angelic message to “Fear Not!”?

What is your story? What is your blanket? 

I am amazed and honored that Drop the Blanket is the most read Christmas blog on one of the most read Christian websites, that it has been used in Christmas Eve sermons across the globe, and it seems to be entering the realm of Christmas tradition for many people.  But my true desire is for it to become a daily reminder of how we can live and handle fear everyday, especially when it is hard to do so.

I  realize this story matters because we can all relate.  We all have a fear that needs dropped.  We all have anxiety and we all struggle to trust in God when we want to desperately fix things ourselves. We need to hear the message of Christ every year (if not every day) to remind us that we are loved, and not alone.

As for my story, this year started off great but quickly turned frighteningly difficult. Proverbial rugs have been pulled out from underneath me, and I have experienced unforeseen changes, fear and uncertainty about the future.  Yet I will trust in the God who can raise the dead, and came to earth to save us from our sins and our fears. The future is in his hands, and it always has been.

For many of us it has been a year of natural disaster, with many still far from recovered from the damage wrought by storms larger than any we have seen before.  The gulf coast, where I live, is still reeling and it may be years before things are ‘back to normal’.

But nonetheless, letting go of that security blanket every day is important. Trusting that Christ is bigger than the things that we are afraid of is important. Releasing fear and grasping to faith is important. I need to do it. We all need to do it, and we will all be better for it.

My earnest prayer for you this Christmas and in the year to come is that no matter what you may face, you will be able to daily Drop the Blanket and Fear Not.

How you were able to Drop the Blanket in 2017? What fears tried to hold you down? 

Share in the comments or message me on facebook. I would LOVE to hear how you have dropped whatever blanket you have been carrying! God uses us to encourage one another.


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