The Faintest Rainbows

On the way home from the airport this morning I spotted the faintest rainbow. It was tough to see, but very clearly there.  Can you spot it?


If you can’t see it, this circle may help a bit:


The sky was cloudy this morning, but right there in the midst of the clouds was a rainbow.  Not one of those bright overwhelming rainbows that gets everyone running outside to gaze, film and post about, but the kind that is hard to see through the clouds – the kind that requires some focus and concentration.  The kind I needed today.

If rainbows represent the promises of God to us (they do), then my life right now is a series of faint rainbows.  The basic familiar securities that I used to cling a few months ago are a thing of the past.  I didn’t realize I was clinging to them until they were gone.

I am unexpectedly in the search for my next place of ministry. I have no idea where that might be or what it might look like, and 42-year-old worship guys are not in high demand these days…

My wife is working a short-term assignment out of state that is starting to turn into a long-term assignment, and it was never part of the plan to be apart for this long.

So many other little things in life are completely up in the air right now, and it is difficult to see exactly where this all will lead. Everyday life has essentially become one step of faith after the other.  But each step we take into the unknown, each time the answer to our earnest prayer is “no” or “wait”, we continue to land on solid ground.  He has not let us fall nor let our feet stumble. Even though there are an awful lot of clouds fogging up my vision, and I can’t see what life may look like past tomorrow, God proves Himself faithful.

There are times in life when we need bold rainbows, and He provides them bold and bright, splashed across the sky with defined strokes.  And when we just need to trust He knows better than we, when the path is clouded and difficult, when our steps are uncertain and we have no choice but to trust in the slightest reassurance that He is still there and still aware, He provides the faintest rainbows.

Be careful not to miss them – they are hard to see, but most certainly, undeniably there.

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6 thoughts on “The Faintest Rainbows

  1. Great word. This is my favorite line, “Even though there are an awful lot of clouds fogging up my vision, and I can’t see what life may look like past tomorrow, God proves Himself faithful.” 🙂 Amen!

  2. That was a beautiful post, and a beautiful image to keep in mind during the trying times. I think the rainbows are always there, but we can’t always see them. Will keep you in prayer to find your next place of blessing.

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