Drop the Blanket References

Below is an ongoing non-exhaustive compilation of websites, publications, and sermons that have referenced or republished “Just Drop the Blanket”.  It is an honor for a short piece like this to have such an impact, and it is my prayer that it continues encouraging is to ‘drop’ our fears, and place our faith in Christ alone!


The Gospel Coalition

Baptist News

Chris and Kerry Shook

Ravi Zacharias

Christian Headlines



The Federalist Papers
Young Catholics

The Blaze

Peanuts Wiki

Air1 Radio

Chesterfield Community Church

United Church of Christ

My Life Forward

The Odyssey Online 

Zion Lutheran Church

From the Pew

Grace Chapel

Crossroads Christian Church New York

Thrive Church Grand Forks

Faith Fellowship Church Florida

Christian Cadre

Coronado Bible Church

Christ Episcopal Church 

The Ridge Church