Help Us Bring Hope to Honduras!


My son Isaiah has an unusual nickname – ‘SlowDown’. We call him that because of how we often have to remind him to slow down and take a break. The kid is a ball of energy who lives his life 100 miles an hour, and that energy is most often used to serve and encourage others.

I see it when he is on the ball field, building up his teammates whether he is starting or on the bench….


I see it at home when he puts in extra time helping me mow the lawn or do chores…

I see it when he is being silly and rolling down a hill for no obvious reason other than the fact that the hill is there and he has energy to burn!20171001_155318.jpg

I see his energy, love for life and love for people in pretty much everything he does. He simply has a heart to serve and a heart for people.

So when he asked to go on this trip to Honduras, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. The work they are doing there is right up his alley. And believe me, he is doing all he can to raise the money to go, including designing his own t-shirt!

It would be such a blessing to this young man, and to all those he will be serving if you would consider buying one (or more) of these shirts and supporting his mission.

Scroll down to see a video that he made with his sister (who is also a missions pro) talking about what he is doing and why he wants to go (unmute at bottom of video).

Please also click on the image below to find out more about Isaiah’s story and Hope4Honduras.


CLICK HERE to help Send Isaiah to Honduras!

Ways you can give:

Give directly to Real Hope Community Church

Buy a t-shirt designed by Isaiah!

I truly hope you will consider pouring into the life of this young man, and pouring hope into the people of Honduras!

Thank you as always!

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