A New Song and a New Direction…

Recently I have found myself in a transition period. I have known for some time that it was coming, I just didn’t expect it to come the way it did, or when it did. But God moves in His timing, not mine, and He has a plan ahead that I just can’t see.  Yet, it is there.

In this time I have found myself exploring  new genres beyond what has recently been typical for me; gravitating towards a more ambient instrumental sound, utilizing the loop pedal and creating improvisational lead lines over melodies that seem to dance around one another. It is new, yet it is in a way a return to the blues player I have always been at heart. I’m excited about recording some more of these ideas and wanted to share this first one with you all.

The title “This Mortal Coil” is a nod to Shakespeare, and Hamlet’s struggle with finding the purpose of life through the burdens we carry, the struggles we face, and the uncertainty of the future that we can all relate to.  It jut seemed to fit.

2 thoughts on “A New Song and a New Direction…

  1. Yeah it’s nice and all but it needs drums. Just kidding. I’ve always enjoyed looping, multing and mult-tracking. I used to spend hours singing on top of myself just for fun. There’s times it becomes positively euphoric! I miss you friend.

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