Wild Wild Wyoming – Following Faithfully

Being apart from those we love is certainly difficult, but sometimes that is exactly what we are called to do. My wife Jana recently made the jump from full-time-mom to being a full-time-mom who is also a travel nurse. As a gal with a sense of adventure, a restless spirit, and a desire to serve others all over the face of the earth, it suits her.  Plus she is a pretty darn good nurse.

As for me, I have burned a couple dinners and asked the kids to recite the calendar schedule to me only 12 or 13 times a day, and I’ve almost made sense of it. But I’m getting through.  I’m an educated man.  I just don’t know how long to boil macaroni, okay?

It is without a doubt a new territory for us, and it isn’t easy. Fortunately for us, she has decided to document her experiences in Wild Wild Wyoming on her blog (I always encourage everyone to blog!) and I’m glad to share her adventure with you!

Wild Wild Wyoming – Nuresbevo’s Blog

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