You Are Good To Me

You Are Good To Me Cover

The last time I released original music it was Christmas time, and it is exciting to get another song out there. There is a certain joy in the creative process: imagining a lyric phrase or a melody, mapping it out, creating it as a recording one instrument at a time, then sharing it with the world. Hoping that this sentiment or thought or prayer that you care enough about to record is expressed in such a way that someone else out there feels the same way, and is encouraged by what it is that you have created.

Most of my songs emerge from times of Bible study and prayer.  There is a verse or concept that stands out to me, and at a certain point that thought grows into a melody. Most of my songs end up being centered around Scripture and personal experience, often taking the form of a prayer or a testimony of how God is at work in me, and by extension how He is at work in all of us.

This particular song is personal to me on many levels, and expresses that no matter what circumstances may surround us, God is unchangingly good.
The cover art is a photo of the Sea of Galilee that my wife Jana took while we were in Israel. Standing in the places Jesus stood, and seeing the same views he saw so long ago is humbling in a unique way, and serves as a reminder that He is infinite, He is trustworthy, He is still very much at work in the world, and that ultimately, He is good.

He is our strength and our refuge at all times. He is our provision when we can’t see how He will provide.  He is our comforter when we are in distress.  He is our rock and our salvation. He is our strength when we can’t figure out what is next. He is the Good Shepherd and He is our light in the darkness. From our deepest despairs to our daily inconveniences, He is always, unwaveringly good.

I hope this song speaks to you in the same way it has to me, and becomes your prayer when you find yourself walking through the valleys of this life.

Below are the lyrics to You Are Good To Me, with links to the Scriptures behind each phrase. I invite you to make this prayer your prayer, acknowledging His goodness to us.

There is no no shadow of changing in You
Your mercies pour down like rain
And in the morning I rise to praise You
Singing to You once again

You are good, so good
You are good to me
You are good, so good
You are good to me

As I face trials and struggles daily
Your faithfulness draws me near
You gently lead me in Your love Jesus
As I walk through valleys of fear

Every need You have supplied
I rise on eagle’s wings
You’re my strength and You’re my refuge
Jesus You are good to me

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