The Last Week of the Year

Christmas is a time of remembrance. The season guides us to reminisce about the joys and sorrows of years past, our days filled with favorite movies, thoughts of cherished loved ones and stories of old, all swiftly swirling around an ancient story of a baby born in Bethlehem on a silent night. Those defining moments of past bring us clarity and comfort. But while the Christmas lights still glow from rooftops and town squares, the calendar marches on to the 26th, then the 27th, then the 28th until we find ourselves shifting gears, moving in a new direction at a different pace…

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7 thoughts on “The Last Week of the Year

  1. You nailed it! This especially had my name attached to it: “Which makes me realize we spend so much of our precious time on things that ultimately don’t matter.”

  2. AMEN! Yes it is not WHAT truly matters in life in 2015 and again in 2016, etc…., but WHO truly matters in our life everyday, hour, and second ! —
    That is our LORD, OUR GOD, OUR ETERNAL KING !!!

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