Why Does Jesus Ask Peter “Do You Love Me”?

Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Shuang Paul Wang

There are many who claim to believe in Jesus and accept him as a historical figure or a great teacher. Yet the deep and meaningful and life-changing question is not if he ever existed, but do you love him?

Among the most beautiful moments in Scripture is when Jesus asks this question to Peter after the Resurrection. There is a distinct beauty in the question, as it addresses the shame Peter felt from his denial, foretells Peter’s future role in the Church, and restores his relationship to Jesus. Through this question, Jesus gives Peter the opportunity to remember who Jesus always said he was – a devoted leader and evangelist who would strengthen those around him and spread the Gospel throughout the earth. Peter truly did love Jesus, and in this moment, he knew that even his denial of Christ was not enough to stop Jesus from loving him as well.

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