But If Not: Walking in Faith Regardless of the Outcome.

Throughout Scripture we see stories of God’s redemption in impossible circumstances. We see it as Daniel walks out of the lions den unharmed, as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego walk out of the fiery furnace unburned, as Moses walks out of the Red Sea on dry land, and as David walks out of battle with Goliath.

The miracle is that they walked out.

Yet the faith story is that they walked in.

Miraculous redemption was not promised as they walked into these situations. As they walked in, they simply faced certain death. Period. There was no guarantee, no promise, and no certainty that they would ever walk back out again.

Yet it was their faith that compelled them to stand against the undefeatable. It was faith that compelled them to walk into fires and lions dens, because without faith these situations could have easily been avoided.

These Bible heroes could have simply complied, set aside their beliefs and momentarily justified bowing to statues, praying to kings, finding routes out of Egypt that didn’t involve armies and seas, and could have waited for someone else to fight giants. It would have been easy, safe, and justifiable. Their friends would have understood.

Yet they chose to walk and live in the faith of, “but if not”.

God is able to save us from fires and lions, and we pray that He chooses to do so.

But if not, we must still walk in.

But if not, he still recieves the glory.

But if not, we praise him regardless.

To avoid walking in is to deny that He can, and so in faith we walk in to the danger, ready to accept that He may not.

I often find myself begging God to save me from horrible situations. They are not always life and death, and they are not always the fire, the giant, the lion, or the sea. Yet they often feel that way, and always bring pain, fear, and uncertainty. When these situations arise, I want to do all I can to avoid going in.

I pray with all my might, “please God don’t make me go in there!” Yet His reply is so often this, “I fight your battles. I shut the mouths of lions, I calm storms with a word, and I move the mountains. I may perform a miracle. I may not. But your job is to trust. Now walk in.”

And so as we live out our faith, we must be willing to embrace that the God who is capable of performing mighty miracles and parting seas may simply choose not to. And we have to be okay with that.

Because when the choice comes to stand firm and face whatever may come, or justify bowing down to it in fear, there really is no choice.

We are walking in.

6 thoughts on “But If Not: Walking in Faith Regardless of the Outcome.

  1. Love this, Jason! And this line, wow! “To avoid walking in is to deny that He can, and so in faith we walk in to the danger, ready to accept that He may not.” Amen!

  2. I shared your blog with my class when I found my copy in my book bag a couple weeks ago. They all said they liked it and thought it was a good article.
    I’m sorry to have taken so long to give you any feedback. I enjoy reading your blogs.

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