A Little While – A Song For Dads

A Litte WhileIt’s almost Father’s Day!

A few years ago my youngest son was graduating preschool, and I was asked to sing for the graduation ceremony. I wanted it to be extra meaningful and ultimately decided to write a song for the occasion.

As I thought about what I would write, it struck me just how quickly the time had slipped by. I thought about how it was not that long ago when my older children had left preschool, how all those little moments of childhood pass us so quickly, and how it can be easy to miss those moments when we grown-ups are always so busy being busy.

I ended up writing about the little things my kids do that allowed me to be a part of their world: building a far-away kingdom (or a frontier fort, or a space station) out of Legos or Lincoln Logs, sipping imaginary tea out of a tiny plastic cup, and finally what is perhaps the most emotion filled moments of being a parent, watching them ride a bike for the first time without training wheels, and without me steadying the bike.  I thought about how someday years from now they might experience the same feelings with their own children.

So I wrote this song, and it reminds me that these moments in life only last for a little while. I encourage you to download it here by clicking the image below, and take in this message of what it is like to watch those little ones grow up.

A Litte While


The song is available for FREE, and also available on Youtube


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