Capacity to Love

My daughter Rachael shared these thoughtful and inspiring words today. I love seeing her passion for God and people.


In the movie Eat Pray Love a woman going through her very own mid-life crisis, drops every comfort and familiar thing in life and goes on a 9 month journey to find herself and her inner balance. She goes to three countries, searching for one specific trait of each country. She seeks pleasure in Italy, spiritual enlightenment in India, and a balance of the two in Indonesia. While struggling with meditation and her own thoughts at the ashram of a guru in India her friend tells her these words, “You have the capacity to someday love the whole world. It’s your destiny.”

As I was reading this book, on the plane to India, I was contemplating this statement. While I’m not on the same spiritual journey as Elizabeth Gilbert was when writing this book, my time in India has been a journey and has definitely filled with spiritual battles and…

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