A Word of Wisdom

proverbsLast week I posted about reading A Proverb a Day, and how it is incredibly easy to do and yields amazing benefits.  In a world overrun with opinions, politics, distractions and lots of questions about what is truly right, and what is truly wrong, the book of Proverbs is an easy way to fill our minds with the wisdom of God on a daily basis.

With March 1 and the start of a new month upon us, I am taking up a challenge and want to let you in on it as well.

The challenge is to read a Proverb a day each day of the month, starting with Proverb chapter 1, and share a verse from that Proverb each day on social media.  How easy it can be for us to fill up newsfeeds with true Godly wisdom in the midst of all else that we see everyday!

I plan to use the You Version Bible App  to create images for each verse, and maybe give some thoughts on what I learned from it each day, but the main thing is simply to share the verse!

Join me in sharing God’s wisdom with everyone we know and let’s make March a month of wisdom!




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