Drop the Blanket – Pick up your Shirt!

blanketNot long ago I posted an observation I had about the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and how Linus drops his blanket during his recitation of Scripture, exactly at the moment he says the words, “Fear not”.

When I posted it I never imagined that it would encourage and inspire the amount of people that it has, and I am truly humbled and honored by it. It proves that God will indeed use us as He chooses, and our thoughts, insights and every little thing we do to interact with others can be used by Him in a bigger way than we would ever imagine.

I have received feedback from thousands of people, and it continues to be a great joy to personally interact with everyone who contacts me.

One request I have heard from so many of you is a wish for a drop the blanket” t-shirt. After a few hundred people make the same suggestion, one realizes that maybe it’s a good idea! big

Before we go any further, be assured this is NOT just a get-rich quick scheme by a guy whose blog is suddenly going viral.

It truly is an opportunity to contribute to ongoing ministry.

By purchasing this t-shirt, here’s what you will accomplish:

1)   Wear a professionally designed shirt that honors God, serves as a great conversation starter, and visually reminds everyone around you that we can trust God with our all of our fears.

2)   Know that all money received will go DIRECTLY towards mission work. My oldest daughter Rachael leaves January 4th for India, where she will be sharing the gospel, encouraging believers and working with victims of human trafficking. Follow her journey here.

3)   My daughter Ruth leaves next summer for South Africa where she is also sharing the love of God in a place where it is desperately needed.

The money raised will go to their trip costs and supplies, allowing you to be a part of that work. It makes a great gift as well!

Thanks again and enjoy your new t-shirt!

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