Church, State, and God’s Sovereign Plan (part2)

It has taken awhile to get back around to this, which oddly goes along with what the point was in the first place. So, let me summarize. The Jewish people have been given permission to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. Years pass, they start building, and are soon stopped by the people around them. They are now told that they never had permission to build, and it takes a bit of time, and a bit of heartache before the original edict is found and work resumes. . . . .

The fact is that many times we feel a strong call from God to do a work that makes sense in the Kingdom. A work that fits our gifts and it fits our calling. Just as it made sense that God’s people would be authorized to build God’s temple.

However, just as then, often the ‘perfect’ plan gets ‘blocked’ by circumstances. We then are left with a task that needs done, but is left dormant due to circumstances we cannot control. We are often frustrated and confused as the world seems to win another battle, and God’s work goes undone. These are the times we must trust in God’s sovereign timing, trust that he is well aware of the situation, and trust that He is faithful to complete His will in us, even when everything seems to be going in the total opposite direction. He is faithful, and He is good.



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